LDS View

Tools for studying the scriptures of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

LDS View Installer for Windows

To install LDS View (Desktop/Laptop Editions), download the LDS View Installer program below. Then follow the on-screen instructions to download and install LDS View. Updates and scriptures in additional languages are available using the "Check for Updates..." command under the "Help" menu in the software.

The new 2013 edition of the English scriptures is now available with LDS View. Install the latest version of LDS View before updating an older edition of the English scriptures.

Click here to begin downloading the LDS View Installer program - 4.34 MB (10 Feb 2017).

  1. Select "Run" when prompted and follow the on-screen instructions. Some virus and malware control programs may need to be disabled or bypassed for the LDS View Installer program to run.
  2. If you are using Internet Explorer 9, check Known Issues.
  3. If you are running LDS View on an HP Laptop, check Known Issues.
  4. If you have any installation problems or comments, contact LDS View Support.

Optional LDS View 32 and 64 bit downloads

Internet access: Click on the "click here" link above to use the LDS View Installer program. It automatically detects which version of LDS View to download to your computer. It should be used on computers with internet access! The Installer also downloads the scriptures in one language.

NO internet access: You can download the software to share with someone who does not have internet access. Download either or both versions. Make a copy to take to your friend. Install the appropriate version. The 32 bit version will NOT run on a 64 bit computer! The 64 bit version will NOT run on a 32 bit computer! The versions below do not include the scriptures.

  1. 32 bit version: Click HERE to begin downloading the LDS View 32 bit program - 34.0 MB (10 Feb 2017).
  2. 64 bit version: Click HERE to begin downloading the LDS View 64 bit program - 38.3 MB (10 Feb 2017).
  3. If the file is not found, go to LDS View Support to notify us so we can update this page.

After LDS View is installed, select "Check for updates..." on the Help menu to install the scriptures manually.

Optional LDS View download for Linux (WINE)

The current LDS View installation program has some incompatibilities with WINE (Linux). Some users have said that LDS View 1.1 CD-ROM version did work with WINE. You are welcome to download the 682 MB ISO CD image of LDS View 1.1. In most cases you will need to burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD before you can use it. We provide the ISO on an "as is" basis without any support for those who want to try it with WINE.

  1. LDS View 1.1 version: Click HERE to begin downloading the LDS View 1.1 CD ISO image - 682 MB.